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Keep on the Borderlands

The 1st edition classic module updated for the D&D Next Playtest rules.

Having heard the desperate call for heroes to assist in the reestablishment of a keep on the borderlands, the characters have come seeking their fortune and adventure.

The stone structure of the keep is mostly intact, but the ironwork and wooden structures are still in dire need of repair and/or replacement. Unfortunately the lumber and mining teams are unable to gather materials due to constant harassment by the local Orc tribes. To make matters worse, the keep as been the victim of sabotage and morale is running low.

An old mine is a short distance away from the keep. It was formerly operated by a company of dwarves utilizing kobold labor to mine iron and other metals from a system of rich ore veins. The mine was shutdown about 50 years ago after the keep was decommissioned. It has since become the home of numerous tribes of humanoid creatures.

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